"A motorcyclist has to drive as if everybody else on the road is out to kill him. A few of them are, and many of those who aren't are just as dangerous--because the only thing that can alter their careless, ingrained driving habits is a threat of punishment, either legal or physical.... A bike is totally vulnerable; its only defense is maneuverability, and every accident situation is potentially fatal--especially on a freeway, where there is no room to fall without being run over almost instantly." --Hunter S. Thompson in the book Hell's Angels
Accordingly, here are some...

Tips for sharing the road

For most people, driving is the activity with the most potential impact (no pun intended) to others that they will perform the entire day. Driving a motor vehicle is ALWAYS a matter of life and death, and it deserves to be treated with a high degree of care, concentration, and skill. Driving requires THOUGHT. Ironically, because driving is so common--nearly everyone does it every day--many people give little concern to their actions behind the wheel. For thousands of drivers every year, this is a fatal mistake. Don't be a statistic! Learn to drive well, and take pride in your competence and courtesy, knowing that you are making the world a safer and more pleasant place by sharing the road well.

Here is an excellent list of safe driving tips. There is something in here for EACH of us to learn from:

Defensive Driving: 70 Rules to Live By

Be alert, be competent, be courteous!