Max Hudgin, 1995-2008

About me:

Born: August 1995
Breed: Some Husky + some other stuff = 100% pure mutt
Found: Wandering outside Chris' apartment in November, 1995
Places I've lived: Oklahoma, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida
Favorite person: EVERYBODY! (but especially my Daddy)
Favorite activity: Tug of sock
Favorite food: Science Diet
Favorite place to visit: Beach
How I greet people: Crotch sniff, usually followed by a sneeze
Biggest dislikes: Aerosol cans and veterinary needles
Attitude toward cats: Fun to chase

Comments from Max's Daddy, written a few years before Max passed away:

Max is energetic, but usually well-behaved. He know's who's boss (Daddy!), and he knows to stay out of Daddy's stuff (whether it be food, dirty clothes, shoes, whatever). He was already completely housebroken when I found him. He doesn't bark (much). He's sensitive and loving. And of course, like most mutts, he's cute and affectionate. What more could you ask for?

Max is too big to be a lap dog, but he doesn't realize that. He'll start by putting the front half of his body on your lap, but soon the back legs will be struggling to find their way onto your lap as well. Sometimes he manages to balance precariously with his head hanging over one of your legs and his butt hanging over the other--not exactly comfortable, but he enjoys it.

Max is a well-proportioned pooch today, but by the time I found him when he was only three months old, his tail was already full grown. He had to grow into his tail before he stopped looking ridiculous.

Hi, there!

Let's play!

Where did everyone go?

I think I'm worn out, now.